With so much happiness, joy, and laughter surrounding us at almost every moment of life, thanks to the facilities we can afford, we forget about those who are deprived of it all. In today's era, thousands of homes do not have enough money to afford even the basic needs of life, and in my opinion, this is a huge problem that must be addressed. 

From the beginning, my company aaina & co has been working together with a charity run by my good friend Saba and her husband Jess. Saba's Kids further collaborates with Bali Children's Foundation to provide young children in Bali with the proper education that they deserve but cannot afford due to their family's tough circumstances.

Putu, a girl from Kayu Putih

Almost half a year ago we decided to sponsor the schooling fees for Putu in the picture above. Keeping in mind that education plays a significant role in a child's development stage, my team and I decided to raise further funds for those children in Bali through joining the Sutherland to Surf walk which is an 11km walk.

We managed to arrange 2 training sessions a week prior to the actual walk! The first one was a hike to the Blue mountains while the second one was a walk on the Harbor Bridge. My 6-year-old son Jayden accompanied me to both of these training sessions and and the actual walk.

Before the walk, I created a facebook page to serve as proof of our work and raise even more awareness to start the collection of donations. We made sure to encourage everyone by providing gifts for those who gave more than AUD30! Moreover, Wildman Ware - Customized Clothing Designs decided to sponsor us by providing my son and I with T-shirts for the walk.

Soon enough, the 21st of July arrived and we were fully prepared for the walk! We were super confident and our hopes were high. We only had the children and their education in mind when we got ready for the day. I remember my son having the brightest smile ever on his face because he knew he was going to help someone achieve a better future for the years to come!

Route and distance of the Sutherland to Surf walk

Dressed in the T-shirts provided by Wildman Ware, we soon began our walk. Luckily the day was very pleasant and despite it being winter, the weather was on our side! Slowly people began to join us and the donations came pouring in, I cannot begin to explain how happy I was at that time!

After a period of 2 hours and 10 minutes, the walk ended on a very nice note. Not only did we gather donations for 2 more lucky kids, but we also spread awareness among people regarding this recurring issue in Bali.

The outcome of the walk was lovely, leading up to my friends encouraging me to participate in another walk , which will be the 35km Bloody Long Walk from Palm Beach to Manly on 8th September 2019.

If you would like to donate something as well, us the link below… or donate directly to Saba's Kids.

Thank you very much!


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