As you all must be aware, the present events are something that we all need to address. For thousands of years, man has turned against man. The thought of being equally human is often forgotten. We all are the same, we deserve equal rights, equal respect, and equal love. No one is better than the other based on superficial things, we must always remember that.

The current situation is something I, on behalf of aaina & co, really stand for. Equality, everyone is the same regardless of their colour, religion, ways, and sexual orientation. There is so much oppression in the world over such superficial things, it pains me to see so much suffering. We often forget that we’re the same. We’re all human. We are all one.

aaina & co is standing up for equality of people. All people should get treated the same regardless of anything. Regardless of their body, their disability, their colour, their gender, their orientation, their religion, anything. We are all born without anything and we all leave this world empty-handed as well. But we have a mission in life to fulfil. We need to preach love and be kind.

I believe that as a brand, you get many chances of being heard. And that’s why, with aaina & co, I want to give a voice to everyone. I stand for the oppressed. That is precisely why I’m constantly trying to help women and children in third world countries who are at a disadvantage. Everyone deserves love, we are no one to take that away from them.

With aaina & co, I want to give people a message. I want to strengthen them with these symbols. I want them to preach love. I want them to be open to change and to tell them that the setbacks in life are there to push us forward. We should remain strong and keep on going forward. We always need to do the right thing. The key to everything is love.

With just a little bit of love, we won't hurt people, we won’t harm people. All we need to do is to just share all this love and reunite. That’s the only solution to dispel all the problems in this world.

I feel deeply about this problem. I condemn racism and inequality in everything.  This happens on a worldwide scale. We should just remember that everyone is beautiful. Beauty comes from within and from being authentic. No one should be subjected to suffering just for being different. Please give love and be kind. Always.

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