How aaina & co tried to help

The recent Australian bushfires have been an absolute tragedy since the beginning of 2020. Loss of whole towns, forests and agriculture has been observed, which is truly painful. At least 33 people have lost their lives including 4 firefighters, plus we have lost about 27.2 million acres of flora.


It is incredibly heartbreaking to see our country devastated by the sudden impact of bushfires. Our condolences and thoughts are with everyone affected- the loss of homes, wildlife and bushland is tremendously distressing and affects us all, both mentally and physically.


Therefore, to take an active part in helping our homeland out, aaina&co decided to raise funds for donation a few weeks ago by selling our Australiana Collection @glebemarkets and @kirribillimarkets. We donated 100% of the profits to @good360_australia, in order to help out the affected people.


And the best part? We raised 533$! Thank you so much to all the lovely customers who decided to get a jewel and support this cause. We cannot explain how grateful we are to you for aiding us in the welfare of humanity.


In addition to this, we also donated a price at $390 retail value for a live auction which took place at @theargylerocks! The doors opened at 7 pm, and the entry was completely free. Everyone joined in as children were also welcomed. It was absolutely lovely seeing familiar faces and participating in making the world a better place!


Thank you so much to everyone for their help.

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