Styling Tips: 5 Tips on How to Stack Jewellery

Stacking jewellery is a great way to enhance any outfit. You can stack necklaces, rings and bracelets easily and achieve a beautiful overall look. We have put together 5 tips to help you easily stack your favourite pieces of jewellery. 

1. Mix Metals

Gone are the days where we only wore one metal at a time. Mixing metals can make a beautiful statement to your style when done right. Stack rings of different metals, attach pendants which contrast with the colour of the necklace and wear bracelets of different metals to make your look uniquely stylish.  

2. Play with Length

Length can really draw the eye in and can be used really well when layering necklaces. Go for different lengths, this will draw the eye up especially with low cut or high cut tops/dresses this can look amazing. Usually, layering 3 pieces of varying lengths is plenty when accessorising with minimalist pieces. Also, use different shapes, styles and symbols on the necklaces to make it interesting. 

3. Choose one focal point

If you're going to layer bracelets, maybe you don't need to layer rings as well. Layering jewellery is so much fun. But know when to stop. If you’re wearing a short sleeve top, layering bracelets will look great. With low cut or high cut tops you could layer necklaces. Choose one focal point & stick to it.  

4. Add Charms

Add charms to your necklaces and bracelets. Choose different symbols and metals to make your pieces stand out. Pendants work especially well when worn on a bracelet or a long necklace. You can also mix metals when combining charms with necklaces.  

5. Complement your outfit

Always consider the type of clothing you are wearing when choosing which jewellery to pair it with. If you're wearing a high-neck or very low neck top, layer it with necklaces of different lengths. Short or 3/4 sleeves call attention to your wrists & stacking bracelets will look chic & stylish. 

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