Tabono: The meaning behind it

Every piece in the aaina & co collection is designed to remind us of what is truly important in life, and we use sacred symbolism to do this.

The Tabono is one of the sacred symbols we have included in our designs, and this post will talk in more depth about its meaning.

The shape of the Tabono reminds us of paddles and is quite literally what it translates to in the Adinkra language. It’s an ancient West African symbol that stands for hard work and determination to achieve your final goal.

The symbol does not focus on physical strength but is rather a representation of emotional resilience and the willpower we each have to achieve our dreams.

The Tabono reminds us that we cannot reach our goals without working hard, staying mentally and emotionally strong and making sacrifices along the way. It’s about focusing on doing the hard work and having a strong will to bring your vision and dreams to life. Only by continuously striving to become better and work harder can we achieve success.

The Tabono is a beautiful symbol for anyone looking to achieve a big dream. It will remind them daily of how hard work and determination will help them along the way to reaching their goals.

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