After the addition of the lotus to my symbols, I had a feeling deep inside me that the third symbol should be the heart. In a strange way, I knew that the star, the lotus, and the heart should be the primary symbols for aaina & co. These three are the strongest of symbols that I feel a particular connection to thanks to their wonderful meanings!

So, how did I get to choose the heart as my third primary symbol? Well, the heart is the representation of love. I realised in my mid-twenties that for myself, love is everything! People often underestimate the power of love but truly, the power it holds is incomparable. You can accomplish remarkable goals by keeping what you love in mind.

Love has the power to unite people, it has the power to heal deep wounds within us. It is such a pure feeling, the best of all. And the best part about love? Everyone has their own definition of it. There are different ways of showing it, it isn't something that you're told to do, it's something that comes from within. Love is the essence of being human, it's ingrained in all of us. We're born to share it with others.

Love does not own, love is unconditional giving without asking for anything in return. And I think that's the beauty of it.

As the brain is the locus of reasoning, the heart is the locus of feeling. It defines affection, care, compassion. All the beautiful emotions.

But where did the heart shape come from? Surely the heart inside our body doesn't look like that! Well, this can be dated back to the ancient Greeks. In mythology, the God of sensual things, Dionysus, was associated with ivy. The leaf of ivy is somewhat shaped like a heart. Perhaps that's where the symbol originated from. 

Other reasons include one particularly interesting theory! The heart symbol might be shaped after the seed of an ancient plant called silphium. The plant used to grow on the North African coastline near Cyrene, the Greek colony. The plant was often used as birth control back in that time and had gained quite a popularity, soon leading to its extinction.

Some believe that the heart shape might just be modelled after the shape of the breasts or the buttocks! There are so many theories and you are free to believe either one of them! The thing that matters is that the symbol is absolutely beautiful and the meaning behind it is even greater.


Keep the love inside you awake and forever cherish what you hold dear by wearing a piece by aaina & co. with the gorgeous heart symbol.

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