Following my previous blog post about the symbols, I'd love to introduce you all to my second symbol! The star was the beginning for me, but soon, I found another symbol that had quite a deep meaning. The lotus.

I came across the lotus during the time I was into yoga. Yoga was my passion, it helped me reach internal peace and realise the beauty in this world. It showed me my inner strengths. This passion even motivated me to almost become a yoga teacher! That's how important yoga is to me, and that's where I found the lotus.

The lotus is a very important symbol in yoga. The Buddhists believe that the flower represents the opening of the heart. That it represents how despite all the bad surrounding us, we still have the ability to reach out and open our heart to the light.

The lotus flower itself has such extraordinary characteristics. It blooms in murky water, surrounded by dirt, yet its beauty is incomparable. Its roots remain in the dirt below, yet it rises up from the very bottom every morning to see the sun and glimmer splendidly in its rays.

Such perseverance despite the negativity in the surrounding environment is what we need to learn from this gorgeous flower. Its unparalleled determination to bloom every day and feel the sun on its petals is what keeps it going. Just like the lotus, we should persevere despite the pain surrounding us.

We should remain strong because the path to light is right within our grasp. We too are lotuses. Everyone has their fair share of hurt, but we all have the ability to achieve our potential despite all that keeps us back. All we need is faith and determination.

I personally think that both the symbol and its meaning are divine and beautiful. Therefore, this symbol had to be a part of my collection. Just like me, I believe everyone else needs this determination in their life as well.

Our environment teaches us so much, the lotus is a beautiful example of it. Wear this symbol now and feel the power of the lotus flow within you!

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