My jewellery is designed to remind us with sacred symbolism of the important things in life. 

Symbolism has long been used by humans to inspire, focus and protect. It serves its purpose by bringing our attention to the things we most need to learn in order to grow.

In this post I want to talk about the Swedish Malin symbol and dive deeper into the meaning behind it.

The only certain thing in life is uncertainty, we all face this. And sometimes we feel this uncertainty more than at other times. It’s part of the experience we have been given as humans. 

The Swedish Malin is an infinity symbol with an arrow through the centre. It serves as a daily reminder that whilst uncertainty is certain to be part of their life, it isn’t something to be feared. Quite the contrary, it’s normal to experience obstacles in life. Things don’t always go our way and by embracing this, we can move towards our goals and aspirations with a calmer attitude. 

The Swedish Malin represents the inevitability of uncontrollable setbacks as a natural part of moving forward in life. By accepting setbacks as a natural part of our human experience we can navigate uncertainty better, adjust to situations and see obstacles as an opportunity to become stronger. After all, you can only truly grow by experiencing challenges and pushing through them. 

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