The Triangle Pouch

Beauty, innovation and the benefit of the lovely people of this planet, these are the main principles around which aaina & co revolves.

As you must have observed, these gorgeous little pouches come with all the jewellery you order. I put a lot of thought into creating these perfect little purses for all my clients!

When I initially started thinking about the packaging, I wanted it to be unique and different from what jewellery usually gets sold in.

I singled out: a triangular shape, simplicity, reusability, and eco-friendliness. There is a reason why I chose the triangular shape in particular! It's because I am fascinated by triangles and the meaning behind them.

A triangle is the strongest shape out of all! Any weight placed on it is evenly distributed between all the three sides. When pointing up, it represents stability and power, when pointing down it becomes unstable. The triangle is primarily a masculine shape, but when inverted, it also represents the female reproductive system. Thus, a triangle isn't only a shape, it's a representation of so many wonderful things!

Moving onto eco-friendliness, it has always been my number one priority. I genuinely care about our planet and all the living beings that are a part of it, thus my purse also had to be vegan i.e. I wanted to use materials that were cruelty-free and beneficial to the environment.

I soon came across vegan leather and decided to do some research. When I started digging deeper into what vegan leather really is, I realised that general vegan leather is quite controversial as it's made from PU, which would then not serve the purpose of what I wanted my new product to be - sustainable. Then I found what I was looking for. It’s this very nice material that I am currently using for my purses. It is water-based microfiber and is certified to be eco-friendly. The touch and feel of it are like real leather without being made from animal skin!

This was a very important accomplishment for me because of different reasons.

One of them being that I am vegan. I became vegan around 2 years ago and was inspired to follow this path by my father, who had already become vegan a year earlier than me because of health issues. What I observed then was that being vegan helped him keep his disease under control and it impressed me so much that I decided to give this a go as well.

The second reason was that before I founded aaina & co., I used to design leather bags and was always disturbed by the waste of material during the entire creation process. The main reason behind this was the shape of a hide and also the different textures of the skin. On the contrary, if you use an eco-friendly material which looks like real leather but isn't, you hardly produce waste because it comes on a roll!

So this was the story behind the creation of these gorgeous triangle purses. These pouches have enough space to hold your everyday tiny objects all the while being conveniently small. They can also be gifted to your friends and family, paired up with aaina & co. jewellery, thanks to the lovely design and packaging style. Many customers use it during their travels for holding jewellery or something small like a USB stick, headphones or hair elastics.

Sturdy, reliable, simple yet sophisticated, these triangle purses by aaina & co. symbolize convenience with style!

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