The Unclosed Delta

Symbols are an integral part of aaina & co. Each one of our pieces is filled with the essence of belonging through these symbols. Just like my previous posts, in this blog post, I'll introduce you to the fourth symbol, the unclosed delta!

As with my previous symbols, the unclosed delta symbol is heavily inspired by yoga as well! My yoga teacher used to tell us about how everyone's life is prone to changes at all times. We cannot avoid change, it is bound to happen. It is the truth about life, nothing goes on as it is. Things always change, for the better or the worse. The unclosed delta symbol represents change.

Just like the ocean, our life never goes on in a constant state. It is either filled with flat and calm waves or a raging thrashing storm, and we cannot control it. The best thing one can do is to adjust to this change. We should be open enough to readily accept the changes our life brings along with it. We should not resist.

Often times, I've seen people struggling with change. They believe that their current situation, or what they feel is right for them, is going to stay that way. Therefore, they continue to put effort into something that isn't going to stay. Then, upon coming face to face with a sudden change, they lose their path and find it hard to get accustomed to the new things as they never truly embraced the change deep inside.

 Change is what life is all about. Change teaches us to embrace what is unknown with open arms. It teaches us to be confident, to be brave. It teaches us to overcome our weaknesses and to get back up on our knees and face our situations head-on.

 Being open to change prepares us for our future ventures. All we need is to be a little flexible to the constantly changing situations. We should not neglect changes at all. Staying oblivious on purpose is what leads us astray. Stay on the path by just putting in a little effort.

We, humans, love to see things happening the way we want them to. We love exercising our habits. But that does not mean that we should live a monotonous life filled with the same old things. Change brings colour to our life. What is unknown is exciting, therefore we shouldn't fear it at all!

Through aaina & co's unclosed delta symbol, you too can feel the strength within you to face these changes head-on. Remind yourself of how the world is constantly changing but you're always prepared to change with it. So, wear your unclosed delta symbol confidently, and remind yourself to be open to change at all times.

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