Tips on How to Store your Jewellery

Beautiful pieces of jewellery deserve to be stored in beautiful containers. Not only does this mean you will enjoy taking them out and putting them away, but it will also help make them last longer. 

Having a designated spot for your pieces means you will always find what you’re looking for. It will also keep your jewellery from getting tangled or tarnished and keeps them beautiful for longer.

The most important thing about jewellery storage is that it is in a dry and cool place. Avoid keeping your jewellery in rooms with high humidity, like the bathroom. This can affect the look of your pieces and make them lose their spark faster. The best place is somewhere you will enjoy seeing your pieces and that offers protection from dampness and heat.

Designate a jewellery space

This depends entirely on your preferences and space, but choosing where you want to display and store your jewellery is a great way to make wearing jewellery more fun. Below are just some ideas on where you could choose to store your collection.

In a drawer

You can choose to keep your pieces in a drawer. Outlined with compartment trays a drawer can be a great place to keep your pieces organised. 

On a shelf or dressing table

If you have a dressing table or a shelf, jewellery can look beautiful when displayed on these surfaces. You can use many different types of jewellery hangers as well as beautiful trays and dishes for your collection. 

On wall hangers

If you’re tight on space, installing hooks and hangers to the wall can be a great way to display all your favourite jewellery pieces whilst keeping them neat and detangled. 

Store according to category

Keep pieces categorised. This makes it easier to find what you’re looking for and lets you store different types of jewellery according to what works best for that category. Rings and to some extent earrings (e.g. studs) can be stored in flat containers as they don’t tend to get tangled. However, necklaces and dangle earrings should be stored in a hanging position to keep them neat.

Repurpose pretty containers

You can repurpose dishes and small containers that you love & keep your pieces in them. Crystal dishes, pretty small plates, trays and other small containers can make beautiful storage spaces for your jewellery.

Get creative

If you are a DIY lover, making wall hangers for your jewellery can be a fun project. Create hooks from which you can hang necklaces and earrings. You can use frames, driftwood and many other materials and turn them into your very own jewellery displays. 

There are so many different ways to store your jewellery collection. Choose yours according to your style, space and most of all make it something you will love seeing everyday.

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