Engravable Circle Charm

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Color: Silver

The simple design shines bright as a stand-alone piece or combined with multiple necklaces, charms, gemstones and crystals.

The Circle symbol is a sacred universal symbol, it represents totality, wellness, and the infinite nature of energy created by the universe.

Your Circle charm comes in our signature eco-friendly vegan leather pouch. Inside our conscious pouch.

Our Bespoke Pieces are designed to remind you of your journey through life or represent good luck to see you through the future.

Make your charm timeless with our complimentary engraving. Engrave your piece with your favourite phrase/quote, geographic coordinates, special date, monogram or name.

We have three appealing fonts to choose from to make your charm exclusive to you. Our three fonts available are Bodoni which pairs well with a monogram piece, Avant Garde and Edwardian script.

To see what your unique charm could look like, simply click on the engrave me button.


  • 304 grad stainless steel disc with 13mm diameter with a 5mm round aaina & co stainless steel tag on a clasp
  • Total product length - 24mm
  • depending on your choice this charm can be either 18 karat rose gold or 18 karat yellow gold, black electroplated or just silver, which is 304 grad stainless steel


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