The Product

  • aaina & co’s curated jewellery collections are designed to reflect the wearer’s inner beauty of their natural soul.
  • Each item in our collection incorporates the diversity inherent in fashion to inspire passion and love.
  • Our designs are simple but edgy, elegant, yet down to earth. Each piece has been carefully assembled by skilled artisans.
  • Being a conscientious fashion brand, aaina & co also pledges 10% of its profits to charity.


The Origin Story

Aaina originates from an ancient Indian word, meaning mirror.  In 2012, I travelled around the ancient and mystical country of India.  Whilst there, I was inspired by the beauty of a young girl named Aaina. Despite already owning and managing a company in Bali, I was determined to set up another one and name it after this girl. At that time I was still to conceptualise what my new company would offer. I just knew, I wanted it to reflect the inner beauty that connects us all.

As I continued to travel and learn, that early inspiration emerged into a coherent plan. I began to consider how important it was to wear things that enhanced one’s sense of wellbeing while grounding them in the earth’s abundance and positive energy.


The Plan

I aspired to create wearable products that shared the attributes of being small and simple, yet fashionable, appealing and sophisticated. From the outset, I wanted to embrace high quality materials and production methods requiring careful attention to detail. In such a way I hoped to deliver long lasting joy to customers by providing jewelry that will suit any style and can be worn in any environment or situation:  yoga classes, dinner parties, office work or any other activity.

aaina & co products are intended to make their wearers feel good at all times.


The Power of Symbolism

The incorporation of symbols in aaina & co’s designs reflect Mother Earth’s messages to us that our inner strength comes from an eternal source of natural beauty. Even though we are not always able to control life’s circumstances or know how we will react to the unexpected, how we meet those challenges will make all the difference to our inner peace. Feeling and seeing one’s aaina & co product will provide the uplifting motivation and inner energy to overcome the obstacles in our lives. At the same time, our items are small enough to go modestly unnoticed until you need them most.


The Purse and the Triangle

Ancient cultures have used three sides of equal length conjoined by three corners of equal angles as a powerful symbol for centuries. Regardless of one’s faith, the trinity of an equilateral triangle points towards the heavens, linking the spiritual and unknown to the earthly and beautiful.  The small purse, made of eco-friendly vegan leather, is also very practical and will allow our clients to enjoy using it as a purse to keep money and other small valuables when off on mini adventures.



An aim of aaina & co was to generate revenue for philanthropic causes.  Whilst living in Bali I became close friends with a famous Swiss Artist, Saba who runs a registered charity named Saba’s Kids. Together with her husband, Saba was troubled by how many Balinese children drop out of school because their parents cannot afford the basics of educational books and stationery.  This wonderful couple do all that they can to sponsor children from the poorest backgrounds in order to keep them in school and provide them with an education that can help lift them and their families out of poverty for good.  aaina & co will support their efforts with charitable donations.


About the Designer

Dina Meier was born and raised in the Swiss Alps. She moved to Bali at the age of 30 and subsequently settled in Sydney, Australia, which has been her home for the last 6 years. As well as establishing and managing businesses, Dina has made time to experience adventure and exploration all over the globe.

Drawing on her experience, Dina has created aaina & co to enable her products to represent, the incredible diverse and ancient wisdom from around the globe.

“I hope that people from all walks of life will appreciate the beauty and dedication that has gone in to every piece.  For this reason, we offer worldwide FREE shipping.” 


Dina Meier, Founder of aaina & co