What is aaina & co's jewellery made of?

We are using 304-grade Stainless Steel because of its characteristics.

  • 1. It does not tarnish. There is a convenient thought behind it—no more cleaning jewellery which has gone black. We still provide every customer with a little polishing cloth, to remove fingerprints on shiny surfaces, such as charms.
  • 2. It is regarded to be hypoallergenic.
  • 3. It is very durable and robust, making it far less prone to dents and scratches like Silver.
  • 4. It is also environmental friendly because it is recyclable.


This is our base material for all the jewellery pieces.

Our rose gold and gold pieces are plated with a 5-micron thick layer of those metals.

For the gold pieces in our collections, we use 18k rose gold and 14K gold plating.

To protect the gold plating from fading quickly, we add a final layer of another material which acts like a barrier.


How long will the jewellery last?

This is depending on two factors. 

  • 1. Your skin - If the skin is very acidic, it can last in some cases less long. In general, people would know it from buying other jewellery in the past.
  • 2. How you treat it.


With every piece, you will receive a little booklet with recommendations on treating your aaina & co jewels to get the maximum wear out of it.

We know of quite a few clients who wear our jewellery 24/7, who are surprised about our products' comfort and quality, which makes us very happy.

With our 100% refund upon return guarantee, you will always get fully refunded if you don't like the look of an item regarding colour, design or size.

Unfortunately, we can't accept returns of personalised items and earrings (for hygienic reasons).