What should you consider when measuring your own ring size?
If you have rings that you like already it’s worth taking the measurement from that. You can do this simply by measuring the inner ring size circumference and then looking at our sizing chart to give you the correct measurement.
When is the best time to measure your ring size on the finger?
About mid-afternoon is the best time to measure your ring size. Your fingers are at their smallest in the morning and if you want your ring to sit comfortably – allowing for them to get slightly smaller or larger – around 4pm is the best time to measure them. 
Can different knuckle sizes affect ring fit?

If you have larger knuckles, going for an open band style would be best - something that you can fit over the knuckle and then gently squeeze into place is ideal for this, like our lotus flower ring.



Diameter US & CAN EU  UK & EU
15.7mm 5 49 J1/2
15.9mm 50 K
16.1mm 5.5 K1/2
16.3mm 51 L
16.5mm 6 52 L1/2
16.7mm M
16.9mm 6.5 53 M1/2
17.1mm N
17.3mm 7 54 N1/2
17.5mm 55 O
17.7mm 7.5 O1/2
17.9mm 56 P
18.1mm 8 57 P1/2
18.3mm Q
18.5mm 8.5 58 Q1/2
18.7mm 59 R
18.9mm 9 R1/2